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Christmas – the season of goodwill and marriage break-ups


You can’t help but notice that the Christmas spirit is seeping in wherever we look. Trees and lights are going up and the vast majority of us will be looking forward to spending some quality time with our loved ones.

However, whilst we at Pearcelegal hope you have a joyous festive season this will not be the case for thousands. If relationships are under strain often Christmas is the point of no return.

It’s easy to see why – after all more time is spent with families, sometimes with members you would rather not be with, there is the financial strain of the modern Christmas, and to add to this too much alcohol can add an extra explosive element. These reasons show why for divorce lawyers January is the busiest time of the year.

Whilst this is a bit of a sad tale to be telling whilst most of us are looking forward to a high quality time full of fun and joy, we feel it is worth highlighting.

The marketing men place an emphasis on us of a Christmas of dreams. For those who are not having the best time in their life this just makes their predicament feel even more desperate.

If you are in a position where you feel your relationship is at an end it’s worth bearing in mind there are thousands all over England going through the same as you.

If you are in a position where you feel it is time to journey to pastures new we advise you to get professional advice as soon as possible. We give a free 30 minute consultation. After this not only will you understand the process of divorce, but a good family law team will help offer support at a time when many people feel vulnerable and frightened of the future.

We hope this tale hasn’t put you off your mince pies and its message doesn’t apply to you, but if it does rest assured you are not alone.