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Employment Law

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Our commercial team at Pearcelegal can help you with all aspects of employment law from a business perspective.

Our services include: drawing up contracts, confidentiality agreements, partnership agreements, terms of contract, terms of trade, terms of business, liability agreements, employment contracts and more.

Our experience also includes assisting with misconduct matters and dismissals, redundancies, maternity and paternity advice, TUPE transfers and settlement agreements. 


Employment Tribunal Advice and Representation Costs Information

You may face a claim from disgruntled former employees.  We can help you defend such claims and protect your position.  

Costs in defending employment claims can vary considerably and will depend on the number and complexity of the issues raised and the experience of the Solicitors working on your case.

There are many potential claims that can be pursued.  The most often pursued claims are that of unfair dismissal. 

The potential costs in defending a relatively straightforward claim will be in the region of £1,000 – £3,000 + VAT.

For more involved claims that proceed to a Final Hearing at the Employment Tribunal, the costs are likely to be in the region of £3,000 – £7,500 + VAT.

In the issues are particularly complex or involve elements of discrimination with a Final Hearing requiring 2 or more days, then the costs are likely to be in the region of £7,500 – £20,000 + VAT.

Additional costs may need to be incurred if the matter has additional preliminary hearings to deal with interim applications, or we require Counsel’s opinion on the prospects of success or representation at any hearings.  We would always discuss the additional costs with you as soon as the potential arises.


Employment matters will be dealt with by one of our qualified Dispute Resolution Solicitors, or a combination:

Nicholas Thomas (PQE 10+ years) £225 + VAT per hour

Stephanie Howard (PQE 3 years) £175 + VAT per hour

Lee McAuliffe (PQE 2 years) £175 + VAT per hour

Our experienced support staff will also work on the matter for at relevant points.  Support staff are charged at £130 + VAT per hour.


Please contact us to arrange an initial discussion on 0121 270 2701 and we will then be able to provide you with a more tailored quote for the potential costs.