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Wills, Trusts & Probate


We can provide expert advice on:

Simple Wills and Mirror Wills

A simple Will would leave assets to one or more people in fractions or percentages and could include legacies of specific items such as, my watch to my brother, or of pecuniary legacies such as a sum to charity. Funeral wishes can be included. If you wish to wait to benefit children under the age of 18 (or older!), you can include trusted persons to manage the inheritance until that time. Mirror Wills are for couples who usually wish to leave assets to each other and then to people in percentages or fractions. This would, again, include legacies as above.

Complex Wills

A complex Will may include complexities with family arrangements or tax. This could include sheltering the family wealth in trusts or protecting inheritance to stay within the bloodline etc. If we think you need a more complex Will, we will advise you. However, it is your choice if you wish to make a Simple or Mirror Will, or complex Will.

Inheritance Tax Planning

There are ways to minimise inheritance tax implications for the family. We can advise on these.

Step-Families and Second Marriages

You may wish to benefit your partner but ensure that your share of the assets return to your own family eventually. This can be done via a Lifetime Trust. This is one example but there are many different options.

Appointing Guardians for minor Children

A Court will always decide in the best interests of a child. The appointment of a guardian in a Will would be considered persuasive by a judge.

Setting up the right trusts for Children

Children automatically benefit from inheritance at the age of 18 unless you choose to delay this to 21, 25 etc. You can appoint trustees to manage the money and who would have discretion to forward money to the child in advance for school trips, education, house deposits etc.

Sheltering the family assets to stay within your blood family

If you are concerned that your child’s partner or children’s partners could end up with your family wealth, it can be sheltered. This would not stop your child from using their inheritance. Please ask for further details.

Providing for disabled beneficiaries

There are several different types of trust that can be set up for disabled beneficiaries. We can advise on the main differences and which would be most suitable for your family.

Leaving legacies to Godchildren, Grandchildren, Nephews, Nieces etc

Often, clients wish to benefit certain persons with a particular sum of money or a percentage of the estate. We can discuss which method you prefer.

Benefitting Charities

Many charities rely on Will legacies and the government have provided for all legacies to pass tax free as encouragement. Many charities have similar names and it is important to ensure the correct charity receives the legacy. We can verify the charity at the Charity Commission for no additional cost.

Property abroad

We cannot advise on the law outside of England and Wales but we can, however, advise on what steps you need to take for your UK assets to pass to your chosen beneficiaries.

Business Succession

Shareholders of privately owned businesses need to consider both the business and their family. You can get inheritance tax relief on some business assets. We can advise on these aspects.

Appointing Executors

Executors are the persons who gather the assets and distribute them in accordance with your Will. You can appoint our firm as Executor but often clients prefer to appoint their family members. There is no obligation to appoint our firm.

Sheltering your estate from claims by family members

We can advise on whether your family member or dependent would have a good chance of success in a claim against your estate and the methods of minimising that risk.

Safeguarding inheritance received from your parents/ family (strictly within 2 years of the death)

If you received an inheritance within the last 2 years, you can shelter your inheritance in a trust or otherwise. Please ask for details.

Funeral Wishes

Some clients have particular wishes as to their funeral. We are happy to note these wishes in the Will at no additional cost.

In addition to our extensive expertise around Wills and Trusts we handle Probate issues too. Have you recently suffered bereavement in your family? We can help you deal with the many matters that can arise, including: obtaining a Grant of Probate, administering the estate or dealing with an estate. We can deal with other complexities that may arise, including for example, dealing with disputes over Wills and Property, death certificates, deceased beneficiaries, funerals, intestacy, rules of intestacy, deeds of variation and more. We offer comprehensive financial services too, including dealing with tax issues.

Our friendly and caring approach, coupled with wide-ranging knowledge and experience, is available to give you peace of mind over all of these potentially complex arrangements.

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