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Child Contact Problems?


Issues regarding child contact can be difficult and emotional and if not dealt with quickly, can escalate and cause stress to both parents and impact upon the children.

Pearcelegal is offering a free initial consultation to discuss the issues you are having and can provide advice as to how to resolve these often difficult situations.

Call us on 0121 270 2700 to discuss your matter with one of our Solicitors and we can help you understand your rights and how we can assist in resolving the issues.

If you are separating or divorcing, then taking early advice is a must- click here for details on our free initial consultation for divorce and separation.

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Free Initial Separation and Divorce Appointments


If you are looking to take the difficult decision to separate from your partner or divorce your spouse, you should take legal advice at the earliest possible stage so that you are prepared for what lies ahead.

Whilst there is a huge range of information available on the internet, it is important that you seek advice tailored to your specific circumstances, particularly when dealing with division of finances, where each case will have a different outcome.

We offer a free initial consultation to take you through the issues that may arise, explain the divorce or separation process, offer advice on any issues that may involve the children, and look at the finances and how they are likely to be divided, given the differing needs of the parties and the children.

If you would like to book an initial consultation at our offices in the centre of Solihull, please call us now on 0121 270 2700 or click here to complete our contact form.

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Child Contact – Resolution Without the Court Battle


It is always an emotional time when parents cannot agree contact arrangements regarding the children.  This has the potential to harm the children who may be exposed to their parents’ arguments, as well as not knowing from one week to the next which parent they are going to stay with.

These disagreements often come at a stressful time when the parties are separating or divorcing and emotions are running ‘high’ on both sides.  

We try to work with our clients to focus on what is in the best interests of the children and exploring the options for a balanced contact arrangement that works for both parties.

The parties do not need to go running to the Courts for a resolution.  Often this can lead to further strains on an already tense situation.  We can arrange mediation sessions for the parties to attend and seek resolution with the help of a trained family mediator.  This is a far quicker and cheaper option for all involved.

We will also seek to address any concerns with the other party and explore options for reaching an agreement in correspondence, or by way of the parties attending a meeting at our offices.  

Importantly, parties can now record any agreement reached into a Consent Order which the Court will consider and seal, making it binding on both parties.  This gives protection as to the agreed arrangements for both parties without having incurred significant legal fees in battling through contested hearings at Court which can often leave both parties with legal fees of around £10,000 or more.

If you would like to discuss any child contact issues you are experiencing, then please contact us on 0121 270 2700 and speak to one of our Family Solicitors.  Alternatively, please fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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