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Breaking up at Christmas

News| 04.12.2019

As Andy Williams will be singing repeatedly over this festive period- It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Unfortunately this will not be the case for many people. The pressure to deliver the 'perfect' Christmas is difficult enough at the best of times. If you have been struggling in your relationship, it can be even harder to 'paper over the cracks' particularly if the efforts put into Christmas go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Maybe the decision to break up has already been made, but you have decided not to take any action until after Christmas.

Whatever the situation, knowing what your rights would be on separation or divorce is a vital first step in the process. There is so much conflicting information regarding divorce and separation on the internet and much of it is based on specific circumstances and may not be relevant to your situation. Much of the information is also 'myth' or just plain wrong.

Here at Pearcelegal, we offer a free initial meeting with one of our Solicitors to discuss your particular situation and can provide more focussed and relevant advice so that you can properly consider your rights and decide with confidence how and when to start the process.

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