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Debt Recovery

Recover unpaid debts quickly and affordably with the help of our expert commercial legal team.

Unpaid debts put unnecessary strain on businesses. If you are owed money and are struggling to enforce your contracts, Pearcelegal can provide clear and robust payment recovery support. Get in touch today to learn more about our debt recovery services in Solihull.

Chasing unpaid debts is a stressful and time-consuming process that many businesses do not have the resources to manage. Legal support will provide a clear framework and timeline for recovering the debt and ensuring your finances get back on track. In the majority of cases, intervention in the form of a Letter of Claim or a simple phone call will prompt the debtor to pay.

We take the time to understand the debtor and their position, allowing us to advise on the best strategy to recover the debt. If the debt is the result of a contract dispute, our commercial team can provide additional support. This may include negotiating on your behalf or enforcing the contract.

How does debt recovery work?

There are multiple avenues available to you, depending on the value of the debt and the legal structure of the debtor. In many cases, a Letter of Claim may be all that is required to prompt the debtor to pay what is owed.

If a judgement is required, we will handle all steps in the process ensuring no more of your time is lost recovering the debt. Through swift and clear legal action, we help organisations of all sizes recover what is owed. By taking steps to understand the debtor using all of the resources available to us, we can advise on the best steps to recover the debt.

We can assist with:

  • Pre-collection, including lettering, phone calls and tracing individuals

  • Legal action, including seeking a County Court Judgment

  • Negotiating payment agreements and schedules

  • Mediation, in the case of contract disputes

  • Insolvency action

  • Debt collection advice

Frequently asked questions

How can Pearcelegal help to prevent debt?

We can advise on contracts and procedures to help minimise the risk of non-payment. By implementing clear guidelines for invoicing and collecting payment, you can protect your business from non-payment.

How do I take legal action for non-payment of an invoice?

If you are struggling to secure payment, legal intervention may be required. The majority of debt recovery cases can be settled with a Letter of Claim which will outline the steps that will be taken if the invoice is not paid. Many individuals will want to avoid a County Court Judgement, so they will either repay the debt or agree to a payment schedule.

How long before a debt is uncollectible in the UK?

In England and Wales, creditors have six years to take legal action to recover a debt. If the creditor takes longer to take legal action, the debt will no longer be enforceable.

What can I do if a customer refuses to pay?

In many cases, a Letter of Claim will be all that is required to secure payment. If the customer is unable to pay, we can negotiate a payment plan on your behalf to recover the debt. If these options are not available, we will begin County Court proceedings.

Our specialists in Debt Recovery

Nicholas Thomas

Managing Director and Head of Department for Family and Litigation

Stephanie Howard

Associate Solicitor

Hannah Smith

Assistant Solicitor

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