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Employment Law

Employment contract solicitors in Solihull

An airtight employment contract will help to avoid misunderstandings and disputes. Our employment law team can help to draft, revise and enforce employment contracts and other vital agreements.

Grow your team with confidence with the help of Pearcelegal. With robust employment contracts in place, you can be sure every employee knows their rights and expectations in the workplace. Our team will help to create vital HR documentation.

Navigating employment contracts without bespoke support could lead to unnecessary conflict. Your employment contracts should be unique to your business to ensure your best interests are always protected. Employment contracts should also be fair to your workers, ensuring their rights are respected.

Companies large and small turn to Pearcelegal for help with their employment contracts. With a well-defined and clear employment contract on your side, you can avoid nuisance claims by current and former employees. Well-written guidelines and policies can also help to protect your business from misconduct, theft and employment tribunals.

Avoid conflict with clear employment contracts

Our services cover all potential employment contracts for your business, including permanent, part-time, contract, freelance, consultancy and zero-hours contracts. Protect your business interests and stay on the right side of employment law with our advice and support. We can also advise on supplementary contracts, guides and staff handbooks, including:

  • Confidentiality agreements

  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures

  • Staff handbooks

  • Restrictive covenants

  • Whistleblowing policy

If a staff member breaches the terms of their agreement, we can advise on the next steps. We can also advise on employment matters related to grievances raised by your employees. Get in touch with Pearcelegal today to learn how we can support your HR department.

Frequently asked questions

Are you legally entitled to a contract of employment?

While there is no legal requirement for a contract, working without a contract puts the employer and the employee at risk. To avoid confusion, misunderstandings and legal disputes, we recommend using employment contracts for every member of your team.

Do employment contracts hold up in court?

Yes. A signed employment contract is legally binding, provided the contents of the employment contract are fair and both parties understand what they are signing. Remember that employers and employees can be found to be in breach of their contract, so it’s important to protect your business interests with a clear and well-written employment contract.

What should an employment contract include?

At the very minimum, the employment contract should include the employer’s name, the employee’s name, job title, a description of the work, the start date and the salary. Many contracts also include information about illness procedures and sick pay, other paid lead, notice periods and restrictive covenants.

What constitutes a breach of employment contract?

This will depend on the contents of the employment contract. Both the employer and the employee are capable of a breach of contract, so it’s important to understand the contents of your employment contracts and what your employees expect of you.

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