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Family Law

Civil Partnerships in Solihull

We can help you to understand your rights and responsibilities at every stage in your civil partnership, from planning to dissolution.

Civil partnerships offer an alternative to marriage for those who cannot or do not wish to have a traditional or religious ceremony. Just like marriage, a civil partnership offers legal rights and responsibilities which sometimes need to be enforced.

Before entering into a civil partnership, some couples will choose to sign something known as a 'Pre-Civil Partnership Agreement'. Like a prenuptial agreement, this important document will outline what should happen if your relationship breaks down. Having this document in place will help to minimise stress and grievances. Alongside pre-civil partnership agreement advice, we can also advise on estate planning to ensure your Will is up-to-date and reflects your current circumstances.

Civil partnership dissolution

Couples who wish to legally end their civil partnership do not go through a divorce process, they go through a process known as dissolution. This will legally end your relationship and determine your responsibilities moving forward. We can help you with the following aspects of your civil partnership dissolution:

  • Reaching a financial agreement

  • Child law issues, including contact arrangements

  • Updating your Wills and navigating property issues

The breakdown of a relationship can be very distressing. Our team will work with you to provide guidance and support when you need it most. Wherever possible, we aim to reach amicable agreements through roundtables and mediation to help minimise the stress and expense of a dissolution.

Frequently asked questions

How do you cancel a civil partnership?

To legally end your civil partnership, you need to apply for a dissolution order. You can only do this if you’ve been in a partnership for over one year. Before this time, you would need to apply for a separation order.

Do you need to revise your will in a civil partnership?

If you already have a valid will in place this will become void once you enter into a civil partnership. The only way to prevent this is to create a will ‘in contemplation’ of your civil partnership. This will ensure that your will remains valid. If you enter into a civil partnership without a will ‘in contemplation’, your existing will won’t be recognised.

Can I have a prenuptial agreement for a civil partnership?

Yes, although it is called a pre-civil partnership agreement instead of a prenuptial. You could also secure a post-civil partnership agreement after you have entered into a civil partnership. This agreement will determine how your finances are to be divided should the relationship break down.

Do I need a financial settlement in a civil partnership dissolution?

A financial settlement will ensure the legal ties between partners are severed. Without a financial settlement in place, ex-civil partners could still make a claim against one another. Even with a relatively simple dissolution, it is helpful to have a financial settlement to ensure everyone understands what is expected of them.

Our specialists in Civil Partnerships

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Managing Director and Head of Department for Family and Litigation

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Associate Solicitor

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Assistant Solicitor

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