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Whether a franchiser or a franchisee, we can provide expert legal advice and support to enable you to flourish. Our multi-disciplined team will ensure you can access comprehensive legal support.

Whether you are looking to purchase a franchise or franchise your business, we can provide tailored advice and support. A franchise can be a lucrative business opportunity for everyone involved and we can help to simplify the process at every stage.

The franchise business model is popular across the food and drink, fashion, travel, education and fitness sectors. Finding and operating a franchise is a unique challenge that requires careful consideration and legal oversight. We can help you to find a franchise, understand the terms of your agreement and ensure your legal rights are upheld throughout the purchase. With a team made up of commercial property, intellectual property, employment, dispute resolution and corporate solicitors, you can move forward with confidence.

Franchise your business with ease

With a tried-and-tested business model, you could expand your reach and scope through a franchise model. The commercial legal team at Pearcelegal can help you to define the terms of your franchise model and protect your legal interests. This includes:

  • Drafting franchise agreements

  • Buy-back and disclosure packs

  • Managing trademarks and IP

  • Non-disclosure agreements

  • Data protection provisions

Get in touch with Pearcelegal today to find out how we can help guide your franchise purchase or franchising venture in Solihull and the surrounding areas.

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I have a dispute with my franchisor or franchisee?

Refer back to your franchise agreement to determine how disputes should be resolved. Speak to a solicitor if you think that your franchisee or franchisor is going against your agreement.

What information does a franchise disclosure document need to contain?

The franchise disclosure document will contain vital information that will help a franchisee decide if they want to invest. It is a comprehensive and detailed document that includes estimated investment costs, ongoing fees, restrictions on products or services, territory, details of trademarks and renewal information as a minimum. Many franchise disclosure documents are much more detailed and require careful oversight to ensure they are accurate.

Do I need a franchise solicitor?

Yes, it’s important to seek independent legal advice if you are considering franchising your business or you are thinking about buying a franchise. The franchise documents can have a long-term impact on your finances, so it’s important to make sure everything is correct.

Can I franchise my small business?

Yes, if you have the resources to assist franchisees in the early stages of setting up. Franchising is an excellent way to grow your business, but only if you have the resources to support your franchisees.

Our specialists in Franchising

Graham Pearce

Director and Head of Department for Conveyancing, Commercial and Charity

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