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Dispute Resolution

Achieve a quick and effective resolution to commercial disputes with the help of Pearcelegal.

Dispute resolution is the process of settling or resolving disputes using a range of legal methods. This could include mediation, arbitration and litigation. Pearcelegal will support you every step of the way to reach an outcome that saves your company time, money and resources.

It’s common for disagreements to arise in business. When these disagreements prevent you from moving forward, it is time to seek expert legal advice. Our commercial dispute resolution team provides support to businesses of all sizes in Solihull and the surrounding areas. From negotiating simple contract disputes to intellectual property claims, we offer robust legal support that protects your interests.

We take the time to get to know you and your business so we can act in your best interests. Through early intervention, we can help you to avoid the costly and disruptive process of litigation. Get in touch with Pearcelegal today for advice and support on dispute resolution and de-escalation.

Manage risk with effective dispute resolution

Early intervention will often help to avoid litigation, but when other dispute resolution processes fail, we can support you in escalating matters. Commercial disputes can happen for many reasons. We help business owners to protect their interests through a range of dispute resolution processes. Common business disputes include:

  • Contract disputes

  • Breakdown of relationships between directors, shareholders and employees

  • Disputes with third parties, including suppliers, advisers and customers

  • Disputes over business assets, including IP, brand assets and property

  • Defamation and reputation management

  • Professional negligence claims

For advice and support on your business disputes, get in touch with Pearcelegal today to find out how we can support your business.

Frequently asked questions

What is alternative dispute resolution (ADR)?

Before a dispute reaches the courts, you may choose an alternative dispute resolution process such as arbitration or mediation. These processes should help both parties to reach an agreement without taking the dispute to courts.

When is litigation required?

If you cannot reach a resolution through alternative dispute resolution processes such as arbitration or mediation, litigation is required. This involves taking your dispute to the courts and allowing a judge to determine the outcome.

How long does a dispute take to settle?

If you can achieve an agreement out of court, the process will be quicker. Early intervention can help to avoid many common issues with dispute resolution. Mediation and arbitration will be more effective if both parties are committed to reaching an agreement.

How do you resolve a commercial dispute?

The process will vary depending on the motivations of everyone involved. If all parties are committed to reaching an agreement, you may only need to review what was originally agreed and determine how you can reach an amicable resolution. If a resolution cannot be reached, litigation may be required.

Our specialists in Dispute Resolution

Nicholas Thomas

Managing Director and Head of Department for Family and Litigation

Stephanie Howard

Associate Solicitor

Hannah Smith

Assistant Solicitor

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