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Dispute Resolution

Whatever your dispute, we can help towards a resolution

We know how uncomfortable and distressing it can be when you come up against a conflict or a disagreement. We aim to ensure that we can help to guide you through the process of resolving your dispute with as little stress as possible.

Bringing claims, defending claims and handling disputes of all types; we act alongside our client throughout and fight our client’s position in the most cost-efficient way possible. Disputes can arise in many ways including problems with neighbours, employers, defective goods, financial products; it’s a long list … where litigation may be the only answer.

We can offer you a professional assessment of your rights and remedies, enabling you to make a considered decision of all the options that are open to you. It may be that mediation rather than legal redress will be the answer for you. In this case we can help by providing mediation services. Above all, we understand the stress and anxiety that legal disputes can create. You can rest assured that our advice will help you resolve matters quickly and allow you to get on with your life.

We have expertise in dealing with a wide variety of disputes and claims. Whatever your situation, no matter how unique it may feel to you, there is every chance we have encountered similar and our hugely experienced professionals can advise on the best action for you.

Frequently asked questions

What Is Dispute Resolution?

Dispute resolution is the process of finding a resolution to a disagreement between parties, either outside or within the court system.

How can disputes be resolved privately?

Arbitration is a private process that can take place to avoid legal action. This is often sufficient to resolve issues if both parties are motivated to come to an agreement.

What is the least expensive method used to resolve a dispute?

An Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme can help to keep costs down. These are typically more flexible than going to court and can also be much less stressful for those involved. Provided both parties are motivated to find a compromise, this can be one of the cheapest ways to resolve a dispute.

Is Alternative Dispute Resolution legally binding?

This depends on the scheme you choose. Some ADR schemes will result in a legally binding outcome, so it’s important to consider if you will be happy to follow the outcome, even if it doesn’t fall in your favour.

Our specialists in Dispute Resolution

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Managing Director

Stephanie Howard

Associate Solicitor

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Assistant Solicitor

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