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Family Law

Child law in Solihull

We provide support and guidance for parents and guardians navigating child arrangement orders and disputes.

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Legal disputes related to children can be highly stressful and emotional. Our expert team will be there to guide you, while ensuring the best interests of the child are always prioritised.

The experienced family law team at Pearcelegal are here to guide you through the child law sector. Following a relationship breakdown, childcare arrangements can become an emotional subject. We aim to find solutions that place the child’s needs first, ensuring lasting resolutions that will minimise disruption and maintain stability for the child.

How we can help

Our clients turn to us for many reasons. Separated parents may need additional support to reach agreements for custody arrangements and child support. We can also advise on enforcing parental rights and ensuring children have access to both parents. Parents and guardians reach out to us for the following reasons

  • Child arrangement orders
  • Prohibited steps orders
  • Specific issue orders
  • Parental responsibility
  • Child maintenance
  • Adoption guidance

We have extensive experience working with the parents of children with disabilities. We recognise the emotional strain a childcare dispute can place on both parties. Every step of the way, we will strive to reach an amicable solution that places the child’s needs first.

Child contact disputes

If one parent is preventing visitation or your child arrangement order isn't working, we can help to guide you through the next steps. We recognise that this will be a stressful and emotional experience. Our team handles all child contact disputes with the utmost care to ensure issues can be quickly resolved and visitation can continue.

Frequently asked questions

Can a mother stop a father from seeing their child?

One parent cannot stop the other from having access to their child unless continued access would put the child at risk. Safeguarding issues would include criminal activity, domestic abuse, drug or alcohol abuse or other inappropriate behaviour. Only a prohibited steps order would prevent a parent from having access to their child. The courts will always place the child’s best interests and welfare first.

What is the most common child custody arrangement?

The most common custody arrangements are sole residency and joint residency. With sole residency, the child will live with one parent and see the other parent on a schedule. This can include overnight stays. With joint residency, parents will share custody and the child will split their time between two homes. This isn’t always a 50/50 split.

Can I stop my ex-partner taking my child on holiday?

If your ex-partner does not have parental responsibility, then they cannot take your children abroad without your consent. If both parents have parental responsibility, one parent can take the child abroad for up to 28 days without seeking permission, provided the parent has a child residence order. The best course of action is to discuss the holiday with the other parent and confirm your plans with them in advance.

Do birth parents have any rights after adoption?

Once an adoption order is issued, the child’s legal relationship with their birth parents ends and the legal relationship with their adoptive parents begins. After the adoption is finalised, the birth parents no longer have parental responsibility, and therefore lose their parental rights.

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