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Charity Employment

Charity workforce issues solicitors in Solihull

Where issues arise with your charity workforce, we can provide advice and support to resolve complex employment claims.

The charity sector is not immune to workplace conflict. When issues arise with your employees, swift and decisive intervention can help to avoid escalation and damage to your reputation. As charity law specialists, we are ideally placed to support your charity through all manner of workforce issues.

Disputes in the workplace can quickly escalate out of control. To help minimise disruption and limit damage to your charity’s reputation, we offer comprehensive support to resolve and settle workforce issues promptly. When time and resources are limited, we recognise that defending employment disputes can be difficult. We work with charities of all sizes to limit their risk and find satisfactory resolutions.

Workplace conflicts may arise over contract disputes, allegations of bullying, harassment or discrimination, or due to conflicts between employees. We can provide a professional review of your employment contracts and procedures to minimise the risk of future claims. We can also provide legal support to help de-escalate employee complaints. And finally, in the case of problem employees, we can help you follow the correct procedures to remove them from their post to avoid damage to the charity.

Defending charity employment claims

Settlement agreements will help to limit your exposure to risk by preventing an employee from taking their claim any further. An employment tribunal is a time-consuming process that can be risky for the employer. Charities operate in the public eye which opens them up to greater scrutiny, so an employment tribunal that rules against you could be very damaging.

Our charity employment team can provide robust and reliable legal representation every step of the way. Early intervention and effective negotiation of a settlement agreement can help to limit the damage to your reputation. With extensive experience in the charity sector and with employment law, we are uniquely positioned to support charities as they navigate complex legal challenges.

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Frequently asked questions

Do volunteers have employment rights?

How often should charity policies be reviewed?

It’s good practice to revisit your policies and procedures every few years to make sure they are still relevant to your organisation. It’s also important to ensure you stay on top of any changes in legal requirements.

Can charity employees work without a contract?

All employees should have an employment contract to help avoid any disputes. If you are hiring someone in a freelance capacity, you should have an independent contractor agreement in place.

What policies should a charity have?

Clear policies and procedures help to remove confusion and ensure everyone knows what steps to take in case of a conflict. In general, every charity should have a health and safety policy, equal opportunities statement of intent, confidentiality policy and risk assessment. It would also be helpful to have a staff disciplinary and grievance procedure, an appraisal procedure and a sick leave policy. Volunteers should have a basic policy that outlines what is expected of them, and what they can expect in return.

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