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Our charity team can assist with all areas of charity property management, including purchases, construction, renovation, leases and disputes.

Find the space to grow your charity with Pearcelegal. Whether you are arranging a community asset transfer or solving a property dispute, our team can help you understand your legal position every step of the way.

Property is a complex area for the charity sector. Our expert legal team can guide you through the process of securing land, construction, development, regeneration, and operating as a landlord. For existing properties, we can assist with community asset transfers, property disputes and disposals. With extensive experience in the charity sector, our team can provide personalised support.

By providing clear and robust support to charities, we are proud to support them in their endeavours. With a diverse team of specialists, we can provide comprehensive guidance to ensure your charity remains compliant while also protecting your rights.

Navigating lease agreements

When acting as a tenant it’s important to carefully scrutinise any tenancy agreement. And when you are the landlord, you need to ensure your charity is issuing tenancy agreements that protect your property and your rights. Our charity law team can assist with all lease issues, including granting and taking on leases. We can also advise on lease disputes to ensure your rights are upheld.

We work with charities of all sizes, including faith-based organisations, schools, scout groups, community groups, conservation charities, international aid charities and more. We can assist with all aspects of operating a charity, including charity formation, employment and securing property. If you are unsure about your legal position and the next steps to take, Pearcelegal can help.

Frequently asked questions

Who has the legal title of the property in a trust?

A trustee will hold the legal title of any property held in a trust. It is their responsibility to ensure the property is managed in a way that is in the best interests of the charity and its beneficiaries.

Do charities pay stamp duty on property?

When property or land is purchased for charitable purposes, charities can get relief from SDLT. There are conditions that need to be met in order for the charity to qualify.

Can a charitable trust sell its property?

Yes, a charity is capable of buying and selling property just as an individual would. It is the responsibility of the trustees to ensure the property is purchased and sold responsibly.

Who owns the assets in a Trust?

The assets are owned by the Trust and controlled and managed by the Trustees. The Trust Deed identifies the powers to buy, sell and invest the assets within the Trust. It is the Trustee’s responsibility to manage the Trust property responsibly.

Our specialists in Property

Graham Pearce

Director and Head of Department for Conveyancing, Commercial and Charity

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