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Charity Employment

Charity pension scheme solicitors in Solihull

Understand your legal position and act in the best interest of your charity and staff with expert legal advice from Pearcelegal.

Operating on strict budgets may limit your ability to offer a defined-benefit pension scheme. We advise charities on the best way to manage their obligations and limit their risk. We will help you to understand your legal position and forge a clear path forward that avoids unnecessary costs.

Your charity pension plan may be one of the most valuable benefits you can offer employees. Reduced income streams mean that charities are operating on tight budgets. This is placing additional pressure on charity pension schemes and their ability to offer defined-benefit pensions. Many charities are choosing to review their pension schemes to reduce the strain in the event of a restructure or merger.

Some charities are responding by closing access to defined-benefit pension schemes for new-joiners. If you choose to close access to defined-benefit pension schemes for all staff – not just new-joiners – consultation will be required. We help charities to reach an agreement with existing staff to determine the terms of exit and exit payments, if required. Through open and honest negotiations, we can help to reach a satisfactory agreement with your staff.

Managing pensions through a merger

Charity mergers are complex and intricate. Existing pension arrangements will have to be honoured and new policies put in place going forward. Our expert legal team can provide support on detailed pension arrangements during mergers. This may include:

  • Negotiating buy-outs for defined-benefit pension schemes

  • Defending IDRP and Pensions Ombudsman claims

  • Ensure sustainability of your pension schemes

  • Reducing pension liability during a merger or restructure

Take control of your charity pension scheme today with help from Pearcelegal.

Frequently asked questions

What is a buyout pension plan?

A buyout pension plan is an agreement between a pension fund sponsor (the employer) and any employee. The employer offers a lump sum to free itself from further liability under the scheme.

What is a defined-benefit pension?

A defined-benefit pension gives you retirement income based on your salary and the number of years working for a company, rather than based on your contributions.

Do charities have to offer auto-enrollment?

Yes, all companies including charities have to enrol their staff in a workplace pension scheme. We can help you to set up this process to ensure your charity remains compliant.

What happens if a pension is underfunded?

When a pension is underfunded, this means there are more liabilities than assets. This means a company may struggle to meet their obligations to cover future pension payments for retirees.

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