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Charity Employment

Charity employment contract solicitors

Expert advice and support with employment contracts for the charity sector from the Pearcelegal charity solicitors.

Employment contracts help to protect workers and their employers. We help charities to create employment contracts and internal policies that are compliant and effective.

The charity sector makes up around 3% of the entire UK workforce. When hiring individuals to work for your charity, the employment contract is pivotal to the success of the role. Alongside internal policies and procedures, the employment contract sets out expectations and safeguards the employer from nuisance claims.

Our charity employment solicitors can help draft and update charity employment contracts that are clear, easy-to-understand and thorough. And when there is a dispute or grievance, we can help to advise on how to enforce your contracts. We’ll also help keep your organisation up to date with employment law, so you’ll always feel confident you are acting as a responsible employer.

Protect your charity from nuisance claims

The charity industry attracts passionate workers from all walks of life. To operate a successful and compliant charity, these workers need clear guidelines and procedures. Although the charity sector may be more relaxed, the use of employment contracts should not be. Our charity employment contracts solicitors can help you to draft and revise the following employment documents:

  • Employment contracts

  • Staff handbooks

  • Directors’ service agreements

  • Bullying, discrimination and harassment policies

  • Disciplinary procedures

  • Grievance procedures

  • Sickness and absence procedures

  • Maternity/ paternity, shared parental and adoption leave policies

  • Equal opportunities policies

  • Safeguarding policies

By keeping these vital documents up-to-date and in-line with current legislation, you can hire with confidence and manage procedures with ease. Our experienced charity solicitors have worked with organisations of all sizes to create robust contracts that protect the workers and the employer.

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