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Charity Commission

The Charity Commission provides oversight and accountability to the charity sector. In the event of a Charity Commission review or investigation, Pearcelegal can represent your best interests.

Charities operate in the public eye and are subject to a great deal of scrutiny. In the event of a Charity Commission review or inquiry, our expert team can guide you through the process. We’ll help you to avoid the common mistakes in charity management.

A Charity Commission review is not an audit or an investigation. It is an opportunity for the Charity Commission to explore your operations, finances and governance to provide recommendations. Charity Commission reviews may highlight issues with legal requirements or best practice. Our expert legal team can guide you through the process to help prepare for the Charity Commission review and then implement the required changes.

We have worked with many charitable organisations over the years to help satisfy requests from the Charity Commission. We can help streamline communications between your charity and the Charity Commission to avoid common misunderstandings that further complicate the process. A well-meaning reply to a challenge can raise further questions and requests that may be avoided with the right approach. With 20 years of experience working with charitable organisations, we can help ensure your charity is compliant.

Charity Commission Statutory Inquiry Support

The Charity Commission is tasked with investigating and uncovering issues of mismanagement and misconduct of charities. When there are serious issues of regulatory concern, the Charity Commission will open a statutory inquiry. Our expert team will help you to comply with the inquiry, including preparing documents and statements.

We recognise that this may be a stressful time, particularly when you believe that the inquiry is the result of a misunderstanding or honest mistake. We will help you to comply with the inquiry, implement the required changes and move forward with confidence that the same issues won’t arise again.

Frequently asked questions

What powers does the Charity Commission have?

The Charity Commission is responsible for regulating charities in England and Wales. The commission runs an online register and provides guidelines and rules for charities to observe. If a charity is suspected of wrongdoing, the Charity Commission is responsible for investigating.

Do charities have to produce an annual report?

Yes, all charities are required to produce an annual report. This is to satisfy the public interest in your charity. The report should outline your aims and the steps you are taking to achieve them. It will also show how money coming into your charity has been used.

What would be considered a serious incident?

The Charity Commission offers extensive guidelines to help you understand what would be considered a serious incident. In general, it is the incidents related to safeguarding, welfare, fraud, cyber-crime, theft or unverified suspicious donations.

How do I report a serious incident within my charity?

Incidents within a charity should be reported promptly to the Charity Commission. The responsibility for reporting serious incidents falls with the trustees. This may be delegated to someone else, such as an employee or advisor.

Our specialists in Charity Commission

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Director and Head of Department for Conveyancing, Commercial and Charity

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